Driven by the global pandemic, the emphasis on overall health and safety has doubled the growth in digital connectivity, telecommunications, retail, and consumer industries. Despite being negatively impacted by COVID-19, the APAC community sees an increase in IoT spending to build new businesses, stay competitive and deliver greater value.

The IoT Asia+: Malaysia Roadshow is part of the lead up event for IoT Asia+ 2022 at Singapore EXPO to create opportunities for collaboration and overcome industry challenges. The program will be focusing on the Malaysian perspective in Healthcare and Retail, including:

  • Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint and what’s next?
  • Public-Private collaboration in improving effectiveness of digitalisation and connectivity
  • Future of connected healthcare post pandemic
  • IoT and Tech in helping the next generation of retail





Opening Remarks 

Speaker: Fong Lai-Lyn, Country Representative for Constellar


Opening Keynote

Milestones and Findings on the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint and what next?

Fabian Bigar, Chief Executive Officer, MyDIGITAL


Panel Discussion

Open Dialogue: Public-Private perspective on Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint 

The effectiveness of the MyDigital Blueprint will be key in ensuring connectivity in the country and increasing adoption of tech within industries. Taking into consideration the business continuity and industry feedback, it is therefore important to hear from the perspective of government and industries for a successful program. 

This panel discussion features the open conversation between government and private sector to ensure the productivity of the blueprint. This includes the strategies for proper implementation, adoption, and supply chain consideration in view of the various sectors. 


  • Ir. Dr Shahreen Madros, Adjunct Professor, UKM Graduate School of Business


  • Fabian Bigar, Chief Executive Officer, MyDIGITAL
  • Datuk William Ng, Central Chairman, SAMENTA
  • Rajasekaran Teagarajan, Managing Director, VKK Group
  • Raja Badrulnizam Raja Kamalzaman, Director for ASEAN & OCEANIA, MATRADE


Industry Breakout Sessions 

Roundtable 1: Connected Healthcare 

Connected health has risen and become part and parcel of our daily lives. From online doctor’s consultation to connectivity in the cloud / virtual systems, it is essential to discuss and discover where the industry is. 


  • Jim Lim, Partner, Healthcare Sector Lead, NCS


  • Hon-Wai Sim, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, MDT Innovations
  • Dr Gregorius Bimantoro, Founder, ProSehat
  • Ariesza Noor, Chief Corporate Officer, KPJ Healthcare
  • Viva Shaik, Assistant Director, UCrest Berhad

Roundtable 2: Connected Retail 

The retail industry was the hardest hit but also the quickest to turn around in adapting to the pandemic. Now with an increased number of online transactions, more digital payments/ remittances are done virtually to adapt to the WFH environment, retail technology that creates a different experience rather than just being your typical shopping experience allows for business pivoting to move quicker, to be different and stand out in the crowd. 


  • Tim Liew, Owner, Visata Creative 


  • Alan Cheah, Country General Manager, Carsome
  • Pradeeban Letsumanasingam, Director, The Tech Connectors
  • Raymond Ng, Retail Segment Marketing Manager, Vertical Market, RBHE, Intel Corporation 
  • Wayne Yu, Founder, 


Closing Remarks 

Accessible, Inclusive and Digitally Connected Malaysian Economies

Wednesday, 15 Dec 2021

16:00 - 18:00 GMT +8

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