The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted not only operations in the property, building and construction sectors but also how users interact with buildings and the built environment. As building access, public health restrictions and usage behaviours change, the shift to working remotely has also affected facilities designers, engineers and managers who have to rely on digital collaboration, such as digital-twin solutions that allow end-to-end capabilities - from project concept development to commissioning and operations management.

Resumption, recovery and resilience of the building/property sector in the ‘new normal’ will require facilities to adjust and sustainably enable autonomous, remote and contactless operations in building management and monitoring functions such as safe ventilation, cleaning and sanitation, air-conditioning, lighting, access control, safe distancing measures and security.  Such new use cases in this sector are creating challenges but also opportunities for technology enablers to respond and innovate in this space.  Applicable areas where IoT solutions could apply in this new operating landscape but which may also present issues include: 

  • Operational efficiency for processes, assets and people
  • Security management including data handling
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability goals
  • Comfort for occupants, user experience and liveability
  • Environmental safety standards against health indices
  • Property value and rental yield over time



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BREAK-OUT ROOM #1: IoT Applications for Effective Sustainability & Asset Management of Buildings


BREAK-OUT ROOM #2: IoT Applications for Enabling Operational Effectiveness

From Recovery to Resilience with IoT: How Should the Building/Property Sector Adapt?

Thursday, 06 Aug 2020

10:00 - 13:00 GMT +8

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